Lulu Lockjaw

Friday, March 13, 2009


I can’t even stay seated. I am bouncing out of my chair at work. As exhausted as I am, I really feel like I could run a marathon right now. I am completely excited to play derby tomorrow. AND I am completely nervous. I am trying not to do anything, but visualize me kicking ass. Its pretty hard, I watch my self skate off the bench to the jammer line, I watch myself line up, I watch myself get into position, I hear the 1st whistle, than I hear the second whistles, than everything goes black and I feel like I am going to pass out! Yikes! I’ve decided to do things differently to get mentally prepared before the game. Last year I did a lot of sitting around the day of, and I think that made it worse. I am going to eat breakfast with the girls, than I think I am going to go for a nice walk on the beach to clear my head. I plan on hanging out with my boyfriend and taking my time to get ready. I don’t want to sit around and then feel rushed. I want to feel like I used my day wisely. I want to find my inner animal.

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