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Thursday, December 30, 2010

New Skates....New Year!

New skate boots came in, just in time to break them in for the new year.  Not that I needed to boots, mine were only a couple years old, but I WANTED new boots.  They are SWEEEEET, they are shiny and new, and they make me feel like a superhero!

I can't wait for the season to start.  Team tryouts are right around the corner, and I am super pumped and so ready.  We've had a few retirements in the off season, but there are some pretty talented up chicks in our league, and I can't wait to skate with them. 

I've been coaching a little in the off season, and I love it.  Its given me the opportunity to give back and watch the girls.  My job as a veteran is to teach our rookie skaters everything I know.  Some of these girls are gonna skate on the All Star Team this year, and my job as a team mate is to get them to my skill level and experience.  Coaching also lights a fire under my ass.  These girls are gonna surpass me if I don't keep working as hard as I can.  There is no rest for us derby skaters, we have to continually grow and get better.  

We have a busy, competitive season ahead of us and right now "bring it on".  I am so ready to compete again, I am crawling out of my skin, I need something to focus on and work for.  Whether I am captain again for another season, my goal is to get us working as a team.  Teamwork, and skating ability is what wins games, and its what is gonna get us to Regionals this year.  Santa Cruz is a talented, dedicated, hard working league, and we deserve to go. 

We are heading to Vegas in February to play the Sin City Roller Girls, and I can't wait.  It will be our first WFTDA sanctioned game, then we head to Bremerton in March for Wild West Showdown, and we're off and running after that.  If we continue to work hard and grow together as a team and a league, Portland will be our end result.  Me and my shiny skates will be there!

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Time to be Selfish or Selfless?

I know why I’m frustrated.  It’s because I want to control everything, but I don’t wanna be in charge.  I refused to run for the 2011 Board of Directors for a third term.  I need a break from the business side of the league.  I am the new WFTDA Liaison for our league.  My own committee of ME.  I am future thinking way too much.  I’m already skating in Portland at Western Regional’s and our team isn’t ranked and our season hasn’t started yet.  My biggest fear is that we won’t get ranked in time to qualify for Regional’s (because I know we have the skill to get there)!  I have been working on getting our schedule set for 2011 and I still need to fill two dates for the A team at home (May 21 and Sep 10 if anyone can make it).  Sometimes I wish I didn’t care so much, I think I would be a lot less stressed out.  My personal goal is to skate at a Regional Tournament, but I can’t make 13 other people have that same goal.  What if the rest of my team doesn’t have that goal, or the time or energy to make that goal a reality?  Then I have to let go, I can’t force people to want what I want.  We are a team, and we have to do what the team wants.  That is really hard for me to think or write because I don’t want to let go, I want people to work harder than I do.  Wow, I want, I want, I want!!!  I sound like a selfish little bitch. 

My Christmas List

1)      My new skate boots to be paid for (they are going to be amazing)

2)      Bearings

3)      Lift and Separate Booty Shorts in every color

4)      All my travel for 2011 paid for

5)      A plethora of thigh high tube socks

6)      A lifetime subscription to Hellrad

Is that too much to ask for?

Friday, November 19, 2010

2010 Photo Recap...of me!

Picture by Derek Opdyke

Your Mom took this Picture

Dust Devil SCDG vs AZRD
Picture by Axle Adams

Dust Devil SCDG vs AZRD
Picture by Axle Adams

Dust Devil SCDG vs Duke City
Photo by Axle Adams

Oakland vs SCDG
Photo by Nocklebeast

BADG Shevil Dead vs SCDG
Photo by Levar Hurtin

BADG Shevil Dead vs SCDG
Photo by Levar Hurtin

BADG Shevil Dead vs SCDG
Picture by Levar Hurtin

My biggest fan
Photo by

BADG Shevil Dead vs SCDG
Photo by Gretchen Robinette

BADG Shevil Dead vs SCDG
Photo by unknown

Team Awesome vs Team Sexy Rollercon 2010

Me and D Mann at Rollercon 2010

Tucson vs SCDG
Photo by Nocklebeast

Tucson vs SCDG
Photo by Derek Opdyke

Sonoma vs SCDG

Photo by Derek Opdyke

Photo by Derek Opdyke

Photo by Derek Opdyke

Photo by Derek Opdyke

Photo by Nocklebeast

Photo by Derek Opdyke

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Antsy or bored?

I’m antsy. I want the season to start already. I’ve always hated the off season. I don’t need an off season for skating; I need an off season for committee work. So I keep skating. We hosted our first ever open Black and White Scrimmage at the Warehouse. It was awesome. Tons of girls showed up from Sacred, and a few BAD, SVRG and Monterey girls were there. I love scrimmaging with people I don’t know and not at a practice. The pressure is off, it’s just fun. I feel like I skate better like that. I don’t feel like my team mates or coaches are watching me, making sure I meet their expectations. Sometimes I feel like at practice, people are watching me, waiting for me to make a mistake, or seeing if they can “beat” me, so they can point the finger and say “see she isn’t really that good”. Of they aren’t and I am so self centered that I think everyone is watching me. I am betting on the latter. Maybe I just put the pressure on myself. I am pretty humble about my skating, but I do know I am a good skater and derby player. And I deserve to say that. I put a lot of hard work into my skating and my knowledge of the game. I am a highly competitive person, and I want to be the best, but the one thing I won’t do is compete with my team mates. I will push them and I get pushed by them, but I don’t ever compete with them. I aspire to be the best Pivot, I aspire to be the best Blocker, and I aspire to be the best Jammer. BUT, I can only be the best me, and there is always gonna be someone better with then me, which pushes me harder. And, I know I am not perfect. I make plenty of mistakes on the track, but I own it, I don’t dwell on it and I move on, learning everything I can from it.

I watched a lot of really amazing derby last weekend. It was Champs, Rocky Mountain won, if you didn’t know because you’ve been living under a rock. Oly took second and Gotham took 3rd. That is what I predicted. All my bracket predictions were right, except for the BAD Texas game. That one broke my heart. I was cheering and screaming for those Golden Girls. They worked so hard to get to Champs. It was great to see them play. So, just a question…does Philly put something in their water? Those girls’ boobs are AMAZING, AMAZING! It was very distracting, and those uniforms just accentuate how endowed those chicks are. Sorry, their boobs are amazing! Ok back to the derbs. It was fun to watch some of my favorite skaters. I watch each of them and take little things that I like from each of them. It’s nice to also look at some of those skaters and say, yep, I can skate at that level. My dream is to skate at Champs; I just have to make it to Regional’s first.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Derby Depression?

I think I’m depressed…derby depressed. I have just been feeling weird lately, not my usual self. I haven’t been feeling my best, not THE best, just my own personal best. I had a blast at Besterns, I mean Western Regional’s. Seeing everyone was awesome, and watching amazing derby was awesome. But then I got depressed and pissed. I felt like I should have been there. The Bombshells should have been there. I was watching skaters thinking “I am just a good as them” and watching some of the teams thinking that the Bombshells are just as good, we should be here.

I really pushed myself last week at practice, Tuesday we really focused on one specific thing, and I finally got it. I figured out where to put my feet, and I pushed myself passed my comfort zone, cussing the entire time at myself. When we were scrimmaging on Thursday, I tried stuff and I flailed, and I probably looked like a kook out there. But, who cares, isn’t that what practice is for? I ended up at the Warehouse on Friday night, working on the same things we worked on Tuesday night, and it’s not as uncomfortable. Sunday night we had the shit kicked out of us, and I realized that I have NO endurance.

I also learned it’s hard for me to leave my comfort zone. I have to be the best, or it’s not fun for me. When I see people that can do something I can’t do, I get really bummed and pissed off at myself, and then I decide I am going to learn how to do it better. And it has nothing to do with anyone in particular, it’s just me, and how competitive I am. I guess that is good, it makes me work harder. Sometimes I wish I just had all the time in the world, I would just skate and travel. I am really working on becoming independently wealthy, but it’s just not that easy.

I am already thinking about next year. There are some Hellcats that are gonna surpass me if I don’t work hard this off season. Meaning, I still gotta skate 3-4 days a week and I really have to hit up the gym, I have gained some weight in the last few months, and I think that is where a majority of my depression is sitting.
Going to San Diego this weekend, some of us Bombshells are teaming up with some Bay Area skaters to play the San Diego Derby Dolls on the banked track. I am super excited. I always have fun when I skate on the banked track and I think it can be viewed live on I do love a good road trip too.

We also have our last bout of the season on Oct 23rd. It’s a double header, against the Silicon Valley Roller Girls. I am having mixed feelings about this game. There is a lot riding on this bout. Both leagues want to win, we both just got WFTDA this year, and even though it isn’t a Sanctioned Game, there is still a sense of pride on the line. We’ve only beat them once in our first season, and they’ve beat us every other time. I think most of it is mental. They are our closest rivals, and sometimes I get the feeling that they are a little more serious and intense about the rivalry then we are. Which is fine, competition is a good thing; it just sometimes sucks the fun out of the bout for me. I am definitely serious on the track, but derby girls are my family, and derby is fun, and I wanna laugh and hang out and have fun. I mean, of course I want to win, and winning is fun, I don’t know, maybe it’s just the fact that we have played them WAY TOO MUCH this year.

Anyways, I just am sad that this season is almost over, right when we were getting our groove, but I can’t wait for a little time off, to come back twice as strong and twice as determined.

Monday, August 2, 2010

Friday, April 9, 2010

  1. I’m now officially in my 30’s. Yep, it happened, I had a birthday yesterday. This week has been pretty amazing. I’ve realized how awesome my friends are. Last Saturday night we threw a Jersey Shore Party. I was Snooki; hopefully there are pictures out there somewhere. There was A LOT of fist pumping. I made sure that I got some Gym, Tan, Laundry in before the party. Brawley’s hair, I mean Brauley D, best DJ in the west, was INSANE. Again, I hope there are pictures out there somewhere. Last night I got more than 30 birthday spankings, some with a running start! Of course Roxy made DELICIOUS cupcakes.

Mom got me a cute pink beach cruiser…I can’t wait to ride my bike EVERYWHERE. And destroy it with derby stickers. I gotta get a basket, maybe I’ll take Scooter for a ride. Matty got me the Athalon skate bag I wanted. I am such a nerd, I can’t wait to get home and organize it.

Going to dinner with the ‘rents tonight, I love them. My dad donated $100 to the Human Race for me, and we signed up to run Wharf to Wharf again this year. I think this will be our 3rd, no wait, maybe our 4th year doing it. I have the best time with him.

Hellcat’s bout this weekend, can’t wait to see those girls kick ass. I am so proud of them. They’ve been working their asses off and it shows. Oh, and the groms debut bout is this weekend, that is gonna be rad to watch.

Bombshells are coming off a two day tourney in Bakersfield, which we placed 4th in. I couldn’t be more proud of my team! Next weekend we hop on a plane to Tucson for the Dust Devil. Um…can I just say out loud how nervous and excited I am? Not only is our first bout against DUKE CITY (holy crap), but our bouts are gonna be live on DNN Again, holy crap.

It’s amazing how full my life is. If this is your 30’s than bring it on, I am loving it.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Santa Cruz Derby Girls vs Central Coast Roller Derby

Holy crap, our first bout of the season is less than a month. I am super excited! Don't miss it!

Santa Cruz Derby Girls Pre Bash and Fundraiser

Meet your favorite derby girl! Mention the Santa Cruz Derby Girls and help support our 2010 Travel Fund.

Saturday Feb 27th, 2009

From 5 - 9 pm

Surf City Billiards

Right next to the Blue Lagoon!

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

WFTDA Survey

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