Lulu Lockjaw

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

WFTDA 4.0 WFTDA 4.0 was released! There are some major changes!
No more jammerless jams, not sure I like the new fix for this. It seems more confusing.
I do like the cutting the track changes. It seems more defined, and less strict, which is nice.

If you want to read the new rules, check them out here

And for a really awesome breakdown, check out DNN's post here

I am already thinking of new strategies to implement to combat the new jammer rules.

I love when new rules come out, they make me think about the game. How can I play smarter, not harder?

Thursday, April 16, 2009

I needed a laugh this morning...

This is something my sister and I would have done as kids. We tried saving every animal that crossed our path. My family can't say no to an animal in need. And because of that, we've had a weird set of pets trail through our household. And because of that, I've had to say goodbye to a lot of awesome pets. My mom and I were comiserating the other day about Ginger, the raddest Weimeraner and Chocolate Lab mix. She was the ultimate beach dog and home protector. At her biggest she was 100 lbs of pure muscle. I loved that crazy dog, and only because I can't talk about her without crying, I'll spare you the details of her last days.

I guess this got me thinking. Just like I've had a spattering of weird pets, I've had a spattering of weird people in my life. Especially with derby. People I normally wouldn't be friends with. But just like I learn to love and care for my crazy pets, I learn to love and care for my crazy friends.

Friday, April 10, 2009

363 days to go...

The older I get, the less stoked I am on my birthday. It's not the "getting older" aspect, even though I bought Revitalift Anti Aging cream last night, but there is something depressing about the day.

Matty and my dad sent me flowers, that was sweet, my office smells nice!

Went to dinner on the wharf, Riva's, it was romantical. Matty and I ate way too much food, it hurt. Walked to the end of the wharf, made fun of the sea lions, bought candy at Marini's!

The best part of the night, PHOTO BOOTH pictures at the Boardwalk. Even though I don't photograph well and I criticized every picture of me!

It was totally mellow, which is how I like it. I don't like when people make a big deal out of my birthday, anything that draws attention to me I can live without.

Roxy made me the BEST cupcakes ever and brought them to practice last night, she even put chocolate dipped strawberries on them. She's so awesome and talented!

I guess I am just tired of being in my 20's! I wanna be in my thirties already. I still feel like a kid, even though for the most part my life is pretty grown-up. Do you think that at 12:01 am on my 30th birthday I'll fell any different?

363 more days to go, and I will be counting them down.

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Egotism ain't my thing...

1. A conceited, boastful person.
2. A selfish, self-centered person.

ego·tistic, ego·tisti·cal adj.
ego·tisti·cal·ly adv.

I know, this isn't really derby related, well maybe it is...

Egotistical people really get my goat.

It's one thing to acknowledge when you accomplished something or to be proud of something, BUT it's a whole different story when you're constantly patting yourself on the back.

Me for example, I know when I make a mistake on the track, and I know when I do something that kicks ass. I try not to harp on the mistakes, I'll learn. I also don't wander aound telling people how great I played and how I did X,W and Z. I know what I did right and wrong, and I sure don't need to let other people know. If people want to compliment me, I will graciously take it, but blush and be uncomfortable the enitre time. I'm just not one for tooting my own horn I guess, and I think that makes me so irritated when other people do. What, are they expecting a cookie or something.

There's a difference between being insecure and being humble.

Monday, April 6, 2009

The day after...

The bout is over! Yay, I never want to play against my friends again. That was hard.

What a game! I thought that I was going to get ejected from the game for my penalties. I racked up 1 major and 8 minors in the first half, yikes. I play hard sometimes. Thankfully I managed to stay our of the box the second half, and don't think I had any penalties.

Recap: 11 girls CAN make a team and kick ass! I'm super sore and tired. Everyone played amazing. We sold out, and unveiled our new NON PROFIT DERBY NAME, SANTA CRUZ DERBY GIRLS, new logo out soon! Mojo's first bout back since her broken wrist, she played AMAZING.

Matty made us a sign!

Raven's dead Bettie doll she flung around and dragged on the ground. I think she was trying to make a statement. I asked for the doll as a souvenier, but I don't think I'm going to get it. Before the bout started, I spotted the doll in the Lost Girls dressing room, mid sentence with Eden, I sprung around, grabbed the doll and started running. Halfway across the civic floor, I hear Raven's voice "Give me back my doll you dirty whore!" I ran to the Betties dressing room, and started flinging the doll around, and jumping up and down "look what I stole!" I was really proud of myself. Raven came in behind me, grabbed the doll out of my hands and stomped off. Ooops! So, that's why I think I ain't getting that doll! I thought it was funny, and a compliment, she went to a lot of trouble to make that!

Fighting off Sheila
Sheila AGAIN!
Halftime score: Beach Flat Betties 71 vs The Lost Girls 41
I think I went to the box for this hit!
Final Score: Beach Flat Betties 130 vs The Lost Girls 101

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Santa Cruz vs Santa Cruz

The Lost Girls vs The Beach Flat Betties

Its bout week. I could feel it at practice last night. Everyone showed up. The refs, nso's, all buzzing around. I'm nervous and scared again. But it's a different kind of scared and nervous. I know my opponents, I know how they play. I know their strengths and their weaknesses. This is my first home bout ever. I was injured last year for the Dollies vs Betties bout! All three of my wives are the opposite team. When I'm jamming, I'm going to look at the pack and see Eden's evil smile, Brawleys dertermined face, and Candies booty! I am going to want to grab them to help me through the pack, instead I'm going to have to dodge out of their hard hits. AND don't even get me started on Hell Louise, her butt's gonna come flying at me and I will be paralyzed by FEAR!

The Betties might be the undedog in this game. The Lost girls have a pretty good lineup, All Star Jammers and All Star Blockers, we are going to have to step it up.

The Lost Girls

Eden Yourheartout - Captain

Raven Von Kaos - Captain

Candie Hooligan - Co Captain

Brawley Parton

Cleopatra Catastrophe

Hallie Pena Popper

Hell Louise ( Countess Weezy)

Liv N Letdie


Pixi Painful

Salt Ann Battery

Sheila Princess of Power

The Beach Flat Betties

Lulu Lockjaw - Captain

Roxy Scarmicheal - Co Captain

Allda Rage

Blonde Claude Van Damme

Cinzilla - Injured

Foxee Firestorm

Kicken Red Vixen

Kiki Clash

Mojo Vixen

Pippi Hardsocking

Rowdy Roughrider

Shamrock N Roller


"People that are annoying, difficult, selfish, boring, or otherwise a chore to deal with, are that way for reasons that have nothing to do with you. It's not your job to fix, engage with, or indulge those tendencies. Don't worry about figuring them out or correcting them, worry instead about how you're going to manage their annoyances without letting it hinder your ability to achieve your own goals"

This totally applies to derby!

Imagine 40+ women trying to run a business!