Lulu Lockjaw

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Dan Green and Me

Ok, so I wanted to have a whole post just for Dan Green.

It stared last season before our first bout. KSBW came to one of our practices, taped a few things, one of the things they taped was me, being my ridiculous self. Oh yeah, that was also the night that some of us, Charlie, Roxy, me, wore our I love Dan Green shirts with his picture on them. Anyways, we were on the news. And that was it! We never really got any news coverage after that. This year I want to give mad props to our PR committee, they are working double time for us. Not only did we get an article in the Metro, we were mentioned in the Good Times and we got SPORTS coverage in the Santa Cruz Sentinel, awesome right? Ok, but here is the best part...they got DAN GREEN to blow the first whistle at our bout.

Now, let me tell you about Dan Green. He's been a newscaster for KSBW (NBC) for awhile; I'm not good with timelines, so I won't even guess. He's married to another newscaster and he's got some kids, yadda yadda yadda. Best part, Dan Green is hilarious. I watch the 11 o'clock news just because of him. He has this dry, sarcastic sense of humor. Like me! Oh, and he's my friend on Facebook!

I was going to meet Dan Green. And meet him I did. I was out saying hi to my parents at the bout, killing time and I was told to get back to the dressing room. I skated in, and there he was, Dan Green. I started mumbling, "it's Dan Green, its Dan Green" like a mental patient. Guess what he did? He walked right over to me, said "its Lulu Lockjaw, one of my favorites" (he effing recognized me?!?!?) and dipped me! I think I passed out for a second!

I realized later that he signed the helmet panties, and I am convinced that he was my good luck charm for the game. So Dan Green is pretty much going to have to come to all of our games from now on.


  1. I had him sign the Panties for good luck and I pretty much gushed the whole time about how much I love his newscasting!

    Charlie Red Stick