Lulu Lockjaw

Friday, April 9, 2010

  1. I’m now officially in my 30’s. Yep, it happened, I had a birthday yesterday. This week has been pretty amazing. I’ve realized how awesome my friends are. Last Saturday night we threw a Jersey Shore Party. I was Snooki; hopefully there are pictures out there somewhere. There was A LOT of fist pumping. I made sure that I got some Gym, Tan, Laundry in before the party. Brawley’s hair, I mean Brauley D, best DJ in the west, was INSANE. Again, I hope there are pictures out there somewhere. Last night I got more than 30 birthday spankings, some with a running start! Of course Roxy made DELICIOUS cupcakes.

Mom got me a cute pink beach cruiser…I can’t wait to ride my bike EVERYWHERE. And destroy it with derby stickers. I gotta get a basket, maybe I’ll take Scooter for a ride. Matty got me the Athalon skate bag I wanted. I am such a nerd, I can’t wait to get home and organize it.

Going to dinner with the ‘rents tonight, I love them. My dad donated $100 to the Human Race for me, and we signed up to run Wharf to Wharf again this year. I think this will be our 3rd, no wait, maybe our 4th year doing it. I have the best time with him.

Hellcat’s bout this weekend, can’t wait to see those girls kick ass. I am so proud of them. They’ve been working their asses off and it shows. Oh, and the groms debut bout is this weekend, that is gonna be rad to watch.

Bombshells are coming off a two day tourney in Bakersfield, which we placed 4th in. I couldn’t be more proud of my team! Next weekend we hop on a plane to Tucson for the Dust Devil. Um…can I just say out loud how nervous and excited I am? Not only is our first bout against DUKE CITY (holy crap), but our bouts are gonna be live on DNN Again, holy crap.

It’s amazing how full my life is. If this is your 30’s than bring it on, I am loving it.