Lulu Lockjaw

Monday, July 13, 2009

This is me

Things people should know about me, but probably don’t:

I am the most insecure person you’ve ever met

I can’t take a compliment

Even when I know I did well at something, I will never say it out loud

I only focus on the bad things I did during a bout

I ask Matty 100 times the night of a bout if I played okay, at least

I yell at you because I care

I push you because I believe in you and know you can do better, even if you don’t believe it

Contrary to popular belief, winning is not the only thing I care about, I care about my team and

their feelings

I will tell you exactly how I feel, and I won’t apologize for my opinion, but I will apologize for misunderstandings or the delivery

I take action first and think later, on and off the track

I live, eat, breath, sleep derby, it’s the only thing in life I’ve ever been this passionate about and committed to

I get frustrated if I think other people aren’t as committed and competitive as I am, but then I have to realize that not everyone is like me, and that’s a good thing

I am finally realizing that perception means a lot, regardless of how I think I’m coming across or what my intention is

I want us to have 100 people in our league, fighting for 20 spots, it enhances my competiveness and pushes me to try harder and do better

I take all my shit out on the people that I love the most, which is the most hurtful thing I can do, ask my wives, I’m probably the biggest bitch of all to them

I get so nervous before a bout, it’s almost paralyzing to skate out onto the track, and every time, I ask Weezy if I can go home, she just looks at me a laughs

I don’t have friends anymore, I just have derby sisters

I love everyone on my team and in my league, they all have unique characteristics that I appreciate

I have to be the best at everything I do and I have to learn everything I can about it

People think I’m intimidating and unapproachable, which I think is funny, considering I am socially inept

I am not a bitch, but I am opinionated

I try to say what I mean, but not be mean when I say it

I would do anything for anyone

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