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Monday, July 13, 2009

Talking Derby to DNN: Joy Collision, Charm City Captain

Talking Derby to DNN: Joy Collision, Charm City Captain
by Mercy Less - July 13, 2009 - 2:07am
In the days after the Texas Rollergirls' top-ten marathon weekend, DNN's Mercy Less interviewed representatives of each participating team for their reflections on the bouts. In the third of four interviews, Mercy talks with Charm City captain Joy Collision.
DNN: How did you prepare your team for the bout against the Texecutioners?
Joy: I guess it's just constant preparation. We're playing so many games, hard to distinguish between preparing for just that game and any other game. We did look for some footage of Texas to see if we could, maybe, watch them and see how they played. But, we couldn't find any with their current roster, because they have a lot of newer transfer skaters this season. New people skating that haven't played so many games this year. We had to just try and work our strategy and get all of the players skills up to the level that we wanted, and work on our team play.
We did set up some scrimmages with the Harm City Homicide boys. We did know that Texas was basically a larger team than we are, so we thought that maybe getting hit by the boys and knocked around by them a little might help us prepare for getting knocked around by the Texas girls. They were, of course, really, really grateful because we haven't done so much stuff with them before. It's actually really fun, and hopefully we'll do that in the future. I think it helps both of us.
DNN: What was your feeling about your team's performance going into this game? What were your expectations?
Joy: I definitely feel like our team has been growing and getting so much better since the beginning of the season. It doesn't even look like the same team as when we first started playing in February. We have so many new girls that have really come into their own. I, of course, wanted to see us do well. I didn't, at the time, feel like we were assured a win against Texas in any way. But I didn't think it was out of our reach by any means. I feel like Texas is a wonderful team, and would've taken a loss as a victory. I still feel like it's a victory on our part, even though we didn't win that game. I feel like we played really, really well in that game, and I was satisfied. I was totally satisfied with our skaters, before and then after.
DNN: What was the most challenging part of that game for your team?
Joy: There's a couple of challenging things that happened during the game. One of which, is of course that some of our jammers that are normally in the jammer lineup weren't jamming. We definitely relied heavily upon people that we haven't had jam as much. They really pulled through, especially in the second period, for us. Bambi's Revenge, she's a newer jammer and she really came through for us in our second period. That was definitely a challenge that presented itself.
Right before the game we kind of knew we were going to have some issues with that. I hurt my knee, so I wasn't really going to be able to jam very much at all. We always had to make some adjustments during the game. They work really well together, and they are a very experienced team. Just the size of the girls and their knowledge of the game was the biggest challenge to us, I think.
The fact that it was at 11:00 am was challenging. We usually play our games at night, and we do practice in the morning, but after a long flight, it was definitely like, "Wow. I wouldn't mind sleeping in an extra hour." I'm sure they wouldn't have minded either. They had played Gotham Girls the night before. You have to do what you have to do.

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