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Friday, July 10, 2009

Desi Cration Interview with DNN

Talking Derby to DNN: Desi Cration, Texecutioners Co-Captain
by Mercy Less - July 8, 2009 - 1:39pm

In the days after the Texas Rollergirls' top-ten marathon weekend, DNN's Mercy Less interviewed representatives of each participating team for their reflections on the bouts. In the first of four interviews, Mercy talks with Texecutioners co-captain Desi Cration.

DNN: How did you prepare your team for the bout against Gotham?

Desi: A whole bunch of hard work. We’ve added in some extra workouts. A lot of it was just coming together as a team and really stepping up as far as knowing that there is just a whole bunch of competition out there. In order to stay with the best, you’ve gotta train like crazy.

DNN: What was your feeling about your team’s performance going into this gigantic weekend? Did you have expectations?

Desi: We had expectations to do our best. I don’t know that there was really a clear, defined answer to that. Of course we want to win, but what we wanted coming into this weekend was to have the experience, and to play against three fantastic teams, and really getting some good competition to play against. I think we really did everything we intended to do, just by coming out there, playing under the new ruleset, playing against teams that we haven’t played against. Doing all those things really was our biggest accomplishment.

DNN: What would you say was the most challenging thing about each game for your team?

Desi: (laughs) Sleep deprivation by the end of the weekend! Both nights when we got there, we didn’t get in until after 2:00 am. Other than that – that was a major thing – but it did represent what happens in tournaments, not getting enough sleep.
Gotham being the first one, we were most looking forward to, and had really high expectations of that game, and knew that it was going to be fast-paced and against the best in the country. They proved themselves at Nationals, their team is so deep, and they work like such a well-oiled machine. That was kind of a difficult part, in that you can’t take out one player, you have to take out an entire team when you try to work with Gotham. So understanding their team play was probably the most difficult thing about Gotham.
Archived DNN Boutcast - video and text
DNN Recap Article
Playing against Charm City, playing in an environment where it wasn’t an actual public bout, so there was no production, was quite difficult. Not to mention we were going up against the likes of Flo Shizzle and Dolly Rocket, Joy Collision – I mean, we really had our hands full with quite a few of their skaters. The fact that it was in a non-prodcution environment.
Archived DNN Boutcast - text
DNN Recap Article


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