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Monday, April 6, 2009

The day after...

The bout is over! Yay, I never want to play against my friends again. That was hard.

What a game! I thought that I was going to get ejected from the game for my penalties. I racked up 1 major and 8 minors in the first half, yikes. I play hard sometimes. Thankfully I managed to stay our of the box the second half, and don't think I had any penalties.

Recap: 11 girls CAN make a team and kick ass! I'm super sore and tired. Everyone played amazing. We sold out, and unveiled our new NON PROFIT DERBY NAME, SANTA CRUZ DERBY GIRLS, new logo out soon! Mojo's first bout back since her broken wrist, she played AMAZING.

Matty made us a sign!

Raven's dead Bettie doll she flung around and dragged on the ground. I think she was trying to make a statement. I asked for the doll as a souvenier, but I don't think I'm going to get it. Before the bout started, I spotted the doll in the Lost Girls dressing room, mid sentence with Eden, I sprung around, grabbed the doll and started running. Halfway across the civic floor, I hear Raven's voice "Give me back my doll you dirty whore!" I ran to the Betties dressing room, and started flinging the doll around, and jumping up and down "look what I stole!" I was really proud of myself. Raven came in behind me, grabbed the doll out of my hands and stomped off. Ooops! So, that's why I think I ain't getting that doll! I thought it was funny, and a compliment, she went to a lot of trouble to make that!

Fighting off Sheila
Sheila AGAIN!
Halftime score: Beach Flat Betties 71 vs The Lost Girls 41
I think I went to the box for this hit!
Final Score: Beach Flat Betties 130 vs The Lost Girls 101

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  1. I will say this again and again...I had so much fun this night. I don't care if anyone else did or not. It was great.
    And I gotta tell you stay in Derby long enough you will eventually have friends as opponents in every game you play.