Lulu Lockjaw

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Antsy or bored?

I’m antsy. I want the season to start already. I’ve always hated the off season. I don’t need an off season for skating; I need an off season for committee work. So I keep skating. We hosted our first ever open Black and White Scrimmage at the Warehouse. It was awesome. Tons of girls showed up from Sacred, and a few BAD, SVRG and Monterey girls were there. I love scrimmaging with people I don’t know and not at a practice. The pressure is off, it’s just fun. I feel like I skate better like that. I don’t feel like my team mates or coaches are watching me, making sure I meet their expectations. Sometimes I feel like at practice, people are watching me, waiting for me to make a mistake, or seeing if they can “beat” me, so they can point the finger and say “see she isn’t really that good”. Of they aren’t and I am so self centered that I think everyone is watching me. I am betting on the latter. Maybe I just put the pressure on myself. I am pretty humble about my skating, but I do know I am a good skater and derby player. And I deserve to say that. I put a lot of hard work into my skating and my knowledge of the game. I am a highly competitive person, and I want to be the best, but the one thing I won’t do is compete with my team mates. I will push them and I get pushed by them, but I don’t ever compete with them. I aspire to be the best Pivot, I aspire to be the best Blocker, and I aspire to be the best Jammer. BUT, I can only be the best me, and there is always gonna be someone better with then me, which pushes me harder. And, I know I am not perfect. I make plenty of mistakes on the track, but I own it, I don’t dwell on it and I move on, learning everything I can from it.

I watched a lot of really amazing derby last weekend. It was Champs, Rocky Mountain won, if you didn’t know because you’ve been living under a rock. Oly took second and Gotham took 3rd. That is what I predicted. All my bracket predictions were right, except for the BAD Texas game. That one broke my heart. I was cheering and screaming for those Golden Girls. They worked so hard to get to Champs. It was great to see them play. So, just a question…does Philly put something in their water? Those girls’ boobs are AMAZING, AMAZING! It was very distracting, and those uniforms just accentuate how endowed those chicks are. Sorry, their boobs are amazing! Ok back to the derbs. It was fun to watch some of my favorite skaters. I watch each of them and take little things that I like from each of them. It’s nice to also look at some of those skaters and say, yep, I can skate at that level. My dream is to skate at Champs; I just have to make it to Regional’s first.


  1. I love you Lu...
    I can tell you, if I ever out-skated you at practice, I would be so over-joyed with myself it wouldn't ever occur to me to think you weren't that good. Because you are. I watch you for sure...but I watch nearly everyone so I can try to figure out how it is they can do those certain things I wish I could.

    Oh, and can you fix your facebook badge? It covers up part of your blog :(
    I really wanna know about these amazing boobs!

  2. AHHH! I love you already! You are a good writer LuLu! I bet you are an even better skater! We should meet.


  3. I know! For Serious! Philly does bring the racks to the track! I think it makes them more aerodynamic... or something.
    See you later