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Friday, January 14, 2011

Can we start yet?

Ugh, ok, really?  I am just ready for the teams to be announced, and the season to start.  I’m the jackass that forgot tryouts for teams were on Monday.  Oh I showed up, but up until 30 minutes before practice, I had completely forgotten.  It’s not like I’m this cocky bitch that thinks I can just show up, not try and ta-da, I’m on the All Star Team.  I just don’t think about it because I know where I stand with in the league and with my skating.  But, I have worked really hard to get here.  And if you put the time and effort in, you keep getting better, you won’t plateau.  I know not everyone can afford to put the time and effort in that I can, I don’t have anything keeping me from practice, or skating, or traveling, but that is probably one of the biggest things that is gonna separate someone from A to B team level.  Dedication, commitment and time.  I want to put that time and effort in; I have the drive and competitiveness.  I want to play with team mates that have the same drive, energy, and competitiveness that I have.  Derby is one of the few things that makes me complete, makes me happy.  I love getting to practice and lacing my skates and gliding around the track.  I love doing cone drills, and circles, and transitions, I just love being on my skates. 

Teams are getting announced Monday (hopefully sooner though), I am not impatient about finding out what team I am on, I just can’t wait to start practicing with my team.  Being on a team is comforting.  Plus our first bout is almost here!  We are traveling to Vegas, and if anything brings a team together, it’s traveling.  I expect shenanigans, and tons of fun!  I mean its Vegas for one, and two, it’s us, Santa Cruz Derby Girls, we rule at after parties.  We have choreographed dance moves, um, and we’re hot!

I have my own idea of who I think should be on the All Star Team, and hopefully the coaches aren’t too far off from that.  Yes, we’ve had some people leave the league in since last season, but the girls that are coming up, are gonna be great replacements.  Our season is jam packed, we are going to Wild West Showdown, Dust Devil, Tampa, LA, and we are hosting Jet City in April!  Plus, I will be coaching at Rollercon this year.  2011 is looking to be AMAZING!

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