Lulu Lockjaw

Friday, September 11, 2009

Eastern Regionals

Happening now!

Game 1: DC vs CT Rollergirls
DC won 139-70. They are scheduled to play again this afternoon at 4:30 EST against Charm City.

Game 2: Steel City vs Dominon
Steel City won 227-27 (not sure if this was the final score, was hard to find on DNN). Steel City will play Philly tonight at 6:15 EST.

Game 3: Gotham vs Providence
Halftime score is 85-6 Gotham. Whoever wins this game will play the winner of the Carolina vs Boston game (6) Sat night at 6:15 EST.

I love this time of year, YAY FOR REGIONALS!


  1. I'm plugged into DNN on google reader... the eastern recaps are at

    looks like final score on Steel City vs Dominion was Steel City 237, (10E) Dominion 30.

    Looks like Gotham has a monster team again. Hopefully, Boston or Carolina will give 'em a good fight.

  2. I hope Steel City didn't tire themselves out, they are playing Philly tonight at 6:15 EST. It seemed like they were all about the 25 point jams, but they should have ran up 4 called it off. Saved some of their energy for the next bout they were gonna play.

    Final Score on the Gotham vs Provdence bout was 185 to 25.