Lulu Lockjaw

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Blockers don't wear panties

Blockers don’t wear panties.

Oh I miss not wearing panties. I really, really love blocking. I really, really miss blocking. I love being in the pack, I miss strategy, I miss working with my team. I don’t know what happened this season, but somehow my coach decided that I was gonna be a jammer. And, I guess I am good at jamming because they keep playing me there! And shit, somebody had to do it (if Heather wasn’t so rad and her baby so darn cute, I would curse her), so I took one for the team. Ok, so jamming ain’t so bad, and not to toot my own horn, I have had a couple of good games. Even though we lost to SVRG, I killed it; I scored 43 out of the 100 points. Sorry, I just patted myself on the back, which is something I never do. And I was the highest point scorer for the Bako game with 45 points. Again, another pat, so what!

But seriously, I miss blocking. I went to Rollercon and barely jammed in any of my challenge bouts (mostly because I wanted to block, but part of it was that the floor scared me). I blocked every chance I got! All last season I aspired to be a PB and J and I think this year I finally accomplished that. Put me in anywhere and I will play that position. I know how to switch from jammer to blocker confidently and understand the strategy that comes with both. Pivot is something I am fine tuning, but the more I learn about roller derby, the more I learn about strategy and that helps. My ultimate goal is my endurance, which I think is good, but it could be so much better. I don’t wanna get tired in games (though that almost never happens) and play sloppy or slow. I wanna be able to block, rest, jam, block, rest…ok; I really just wanna play in every jam. I wanna be able to play my best exhausted so my coach knows she can put me in no matter what and I am going to perform.

I think jammers get too much credit. As a jammer, you’re only as good as your blockers. If your blocking isn’t on point, than your jammers are going to have to work that much harder during a game. Blockers don’t get enough credit. It seems to me that if you don’t have a panty on your head, than somehow people don’t think you do anything during the game. Panty doesn’t equal special. Anyhow, it’s all derby to me, no matter what position you play, and every position is important.


  1. Finally a cute saying that any blocker would be stoked on!

  2. I love playing the four. And I'm sorry but the four needs more credit. Sometimes we're the only one holding a jammer from even entering the pack. Where's my helmet cover for that!?